As local independent pet retailers are looking for solutions to manage their business more efficiently, Phillips Pet Food and Supplies has developed an online ordering App to enable their customers to successfully achieve this goal.  The Phillips Mobile Ordering App allows pet store retailers to easily place and track orders on their phones and/or tablets. The App runs on both iOS and Android and it is fully functional over data and WiFi.

The key attributes of the App allow Phillips’ customers to:

  • Easily create, edit and view their orders
  • Access new product information easily
  • Allow for paperless integration with their account
  • Receive order status notifications
  • Search or scan barcodes to add an item to their order
  • Discover and stock bestselling items

“We’ve listened to our customers and understand the challenges they face managing their day to day business.” said Todd Shelton, CEO of Phillips.  “The Ordering App is just one of the many resources that Phillips is developing to enable our retailers to have more time to interact with their customers.”

Phillips will continue to deliver technological solutions for the independent pet retailer to enable them to sustain and grow in their competitive space.  Please visit to learn more.

Phillips Pet Food & Supplies